Bump to One Package

The ‘BUMP to ONE’ experience 


As a mum of three little people, who are not so little now, I know only too well how fast the time passes & how very quickly these tiny people we hold in our arms soon grow into very big people…it’s almost as though if you blink you’ll miss it. I have been planning to create a package that would be fitting to capture babies little milestones throughout their first year for some time. It’s wonderful to meet families when they have their first born, it’s a true privilege to be invited to capture those first precious days of their newest addition. What’s even more of a privilege is being asked back to capture them later on in their lives. However, life gets busy & the day-to-day routine takes over & often parents don’t think to organise a session to capture images of their little people whilst they are ever changing & before you know it you’ll be bouncing your newly one year old on your lap wondering where it went. Well, I cannot change how fast time goes by, but I can offer you this package, which is designed to capture those in between changes that you almost miss when you stop & look back, I know I certainly do.

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This package offers a choice of five sessions, of which you choose FOUR.

This package is designed to capture four of the great milestones of your child’s first year from that ever expanding Bump right up to their first birthday & is a perfect way of creating precious memories to look back on over the year…..

• ‘The Bump shoot’ ~ This session is approximately an hour long, can include Daddy & also any big brothers & sisters too. This usually takes place at around 34-36 weeks. 

• ‘Newborn’ ~ this session takes place when little one is up to 10 days old {this can take place later on if there are complications or tricky situations, however, under 10 days is best if possible while they are still small, sleepy & curled up. This session is the longest session of them all…it can take up to three hours as much of the time is spent getting baby back off to sleep to get those very cute sleepy shots. Lots of time is also spent ensuring you get some beautiful family shots with Mummy, Daddy & any siblings too.


• ‘Tummy Time & smiles’ at-home simplicity session. This session takes place at around 3-4 months at my home studio, this usually lasts for approximately an hour & is spent very simply capturing your little one’s smiles, some time on their tummy & on their back with bottoms in the air, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get those chubby little thighs out & spend some time creating giggles & lots of dribble!

• ‘Sitting up’ at home simplicity session ~ This session takes place around 6-8 months, as soon as they are sitting unaided & steadily, it also takes place at my home studio, this is one of my favourite ages to photograph babies. They are full of smiles & are most are very generous with them at that. Another excuse to show off their chubby little thighs and cute little feet. There are usually lots of smiles & giggles during this session…often some singing too {apologies in advance!}

• ‘BABY is ONE’ at home simplicity session ~ this session obviously takes place when your little one turns a whole year! Wow…where did the time go, as parents it’s almost that of a celebration for you too…you have made it through the first year…well done you! This session is typically full of me attempting to make your little one smile, there may also be singing involved {apologies once again} & lots of noise & bubbles. It’s wonderful to capture your little one at this age, he/she is now a little person with a personality that you know inside & out, by this age they have their favourite books & toys so I like to incorporate this into the session.

Given that you chose the ‘Bump to One’ package, this will be the final chapter of the year- long journey & you can look back at the past year to see how much they have grown and how much they have changed from that tiny bean inside that expanding belly to this cute little person with a huge personality to show for it!

A non-refundable fee of £150 is payable upon booking, this secures your package for the year & covers the 1st session, a fee of £75 is payable upon booking each of your further 3 sessions.


The session fee includes:

-Photographer’s talent & time spent on location (within 15 miles of photographer’s home)

-An online gallery from each of the four sessions where you can view all of your images for individual selection from the comfort of the sofa of your own home & share with family & friends

-Custom editing of each image uploaded to your galleries, each image is available to view in colour, Black & White & on some occasions artistic style also.

-The prices of this package includes three high resolution digital files from each of the four sessions…twelve in total ( It does NOT however, include prints. Prints can be purchased a la Carte. Your disc will contain un-watermarked high resolution Digital images to print as many time & as big as you wish, send to friends & relatives etc at your discretion. Carolyne Burton Photography retains the right to all images and does not sell the images to anyone other than my clients.



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