Hello there…I am so pleased you have found me & my little website!NOVEMBER 2014 017

A little about me;

My main job is a Mummy to my three beautiful children, who have been my inspiration

to take the leap into photography as a career.
I like diet coke a little too much, adore babies ♥ but hate pickled gherkins & frogs!

I am a self-taught, natural light, lifestyle photographer…specializing in children, particularly babies.

My creativity & love for taking photographs is long standing but I actually discovered photography as my passion by accident… I have always loved ♥ photographs & could look at them over and over & never get tired of looking at the same pictures…but I didn’t realise quite how much I enjoyed ‘taking’ photos until I was once lucky enough to get my hands on a borrowed SLR digital camera…I was in my element & very quickly came to realise it was something I was reasonably good at. It was then that my husband bought me my very own for a Christmas present, lucky girl, I tossed my very worn out compact camera out…and my family & friends haven’t seen my face very much ever since as it’s always behind a camera lens or my smartphone camera.
I continue to learn every single day & am meeting people from all walks of life…and most of all I cherish the moments I am creating for other families as well as my own!

Taking photographs is not only my passion, admittedly, it’s my obsession & I consider myself very lucky to be doing a ‘job’ that I adore!

Having been a nanny for over seventeen years, some of which I spent working as a maternity nurse, and now as a mother of three for almost fourteen of those years, I know only too well, in the blink of an eye, how fast our children grow & how important photographs are, not only as a record of our their lives, but also to provide lasting memories that hang on our walls & we keep in our hearts… by capturing each of their individual personalities, their innocence, naivety & fun that you see in them everyday. Just being children ♥

I adore natural portraiture, to be able to truly capture the natural beauty of your family & the spirit of your children. I work in a relaxed and informal way and specialise in spontaneous ‘snapshot style’ images of pregnancy, newborns, babies, children and families.

Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, my photography takes place at a location where you and your family feel most comfortable and at ease. This can be in your home if we have suitable light to work with, an outdoors location where maybe you, as a family, spend time or in a pretty location that I may have come across that I feel would work for you. Some of my sessions also take place at my home studio where I know I have perfect available light. Working with natural available light, I bring very little equipment with me. I prefer to work outdoors for family shoots {children 6 months plus} as the children love the freedom of being able to run around and play rather than be restricted to sitting inside posing for the camera which inevitably results in much more natural looking images, however, for Bump & baby shoots this is obviously not really possible, so while indoors without lots of equipment we can work in small spaces but still give the impression of a studio shoot.

I absolutely delight in photographing children of all ages, however I am in my element when I am lucky enough to work with newborn babies, it is a privilege to share such a special time with your family and your new addition. I can return as early as the day of the birth to capture those special very first moments. I also adore capturing those last few weeks of pregnancy, it is a time when the body is very beautiful, the air of expectation & excitement helps to create a wonderful record of one of the most amazing & very special times of your life.

What is most important to me is that you enjoy the experience and take away images that reflect the true spirit of your children, and have some lasting memories to cherish forever…rather than just what they were wearing that day…

Carolyne ♥ x

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